wulfgyr (wulfgyr) wrote in wow_blackwater,

Hordiculture- Yay! New Horde Guild!

Welcome to Hordiculture!

We have a Horde guild, now onto the task of designing a Tabard!
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Oh, and here's a site with a "tabard designer" that allows you to see the various designs and colors without having to go to the tabard designer in game.

Here's my vote! Heheh. I like this one for many reasons! ;)

The plant is green like horticulture and, well, plants, and it's growing out of a black background, black like the hearts and culture (just go with it, ok?) of the Horde. It's like... we're evil, but we have hope! New life is springing forth from our darkness!

Plus, in my mind, that's what Azerothi pot looks like.
Oh, and for the new people, this is Riyn/Eitr. (Icon is my 50 human priest Tsaa. Not sure why I never made an icon of Asti, 64 night elf hunter.)

Eitr rhymes with spider!

I went from groggy asleep dragging myself out of bed for this interview to somewhat hyper in like 45 minutes. What up with that??
I just found out that we're the 6th guild named Hordiculture. There are also 6 Hordeculture guilds and 1 Hordeculture Society guild.

Still just 1 SheeptheStar

I like it. Are you married to the solid borders? Or would the runes border be OK with you. The solid borders just seem kind of bland to me.

I didn't even look at the different types of borders! Definitely not married to the solid ones.

Guess I need an Eitr/Riyn icon, huh?