Deus ex Machina (sugarbeet) wrote in wow_blackwater,
Deus ex Machina

I was robbed!

I removed my Credit Card info from my World of Warcraft account account and let my paid account lapse two weeks ago. I wanted to take some time off to study for my CCNP and prepare for the wedding. Last night, iloose2 was over to our house and told me that our Guild Vault was plundered. We had two mostly filled tabs of inventory that were missing. I imagine that value was hundreds of gold. WoW game masters would not tell him who took the inventory and only said that they were a guild member and had rights to do so. But that account was deleted and Blizzard frees up the name immediately, so the logs only shown the user as "Unknown". He also said that he saw me online a couple days ago.

I freaked out a bit. I immediately tried to long onto Wow and the Wow website and could not. I called billing and account support and they told me my account was active and someone used a Discover card to pay for a month. Well, I don't even have a Discover card, so I know it was not mine. They reset my password and changed my email address to use a different email account. Since my account now had a month aid access, i was able to log into the game.

I logged in and immediately saw that VeurcaSalt, my level 8ish mage was deleted. I never played her much as i really created her to be mostly a mule to storing items. So I guess i just figured out who had raided our guild bank. I logged into ChuckBucket, who is my Gnome Warlock, who i just got up to level 70 about a month ago. I found him in Netherstorm in an area that i had never been to and saw he had explored a lot of places that i had never been to and that my tool bars had been changed. Someone was actually PLAYING my account. I also found that i was missing about 800 gold and several hundred more gold worth of items from my bags and my bank.

I logged a trouble ticket to a Game Master. They got back to me this morning. i got some of the items back but not most of the valuable stuff and none of the gold. I checked my level 60 Night Elf Hunter, Sthompson and found that he had been plundered but not played. He is missing a few hundred worth of gold and materials. I checked my only Horde character, my level 28 Orc warrior Brdawg and he doesn't look like he has been touched.

The Trouble Ticket that was answered this morning said that a character specialist was going to complete a deeper investigation of my account and will see if they can restore more items. Hopefully then can and then also restore our items in the guild vault.

We are guessing that whoever compromised my account used my recently 70 leveled warlock to farm for gold to sell after stealing our items. The credit card was probably stolen. The other possibility is that my account was sold to someone who was just wanted to play a level 70 character without having to earn it. If the credit card is not found as stolen and canceled or if Blizzard does not remove it from my account, i might get 6 more months free as i switched my subscription from 1 to 6 months. If it is stolen, it will be canceled and the legit owner can file a chargeback and get their money refunded. If it was a legit card from a duped buyer, then they are in for a surprise for their stupidity. Later in the evening last night, i had checked my e-mail to see if there was a status update on the ticket. I saw that someone requested a password reset as the email was sent to my new email account. But that makes me wonder. How DID they get my password? Did they have access to my e-mail? Granted I am bad and lazy and use the same password on many of my accounts and have not changed it much in over 4 years.

I upset over this but surprising not as much I probably should be. I am more concerned. I have changed my email and WoW passwords to different passwords. And I will soon start the arduous task to reset all my major passwords to something new. I am just concerned that i might have a keylogger on one of my computers. I have scanned my laptop with a virus check, spyware check and a rootkit detector and could not find anything. I also made sure i had the lastest MS XP updates. I suppose it is possible that it was a simple brute force attack or perhaps a rogue addon to the game, but you would think that Blizzard would also have detected that...
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