Christy Lee (schneenet) wrote in wow_blackwater,
Christy Lee


Four bubbles and 50g away from a flying mount!!! And I'm actually going to bed early instead of going for it tonight. I currently have well over 50g worth of stuff in the AH (30 of which is pretty much a sure thing) so the gold and the experience will be easily attainable within another couple of hours of playing, so possibly tomorrow evening and definitely this weekend!

And I finally made a userpic of Asti and Squall. Only took 69 levels!

EDIT 7/13 7:45am: Only 25g to go!
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I can loan you the 25 G if you'd like :)
Hey, thanks! But quests at that level pay anywhere from 4g to 12g plus items, so in the time it will take her to get those last four bubbles of exp, she should have it. Thanks for the offer though!

After this, if anyone wants a quick escort through any dungeons to finish some quests or get kick ass items or whatever, I know someone who'd be glad to help. :)
Why are you home playing 15 minutes before you are supposed to report to work?
I wasn't playing. I logged on with my mule and checked my auction sales. Took about 30 seconds.
Ok William Christy.... You just agreed with me by making me sound wrong...

Where you or where you not, logged into WoW 15 minutes before your scheduled start time for work?
What I've been told by everyone I've talked to in my department is that we have to be here for the core hours (9:00am - 3:30pm) and that we can work our 8 hours anywhere around those. It's pretty flexible. When I first started and got here around 8:00am every day, I was like the only one here for 30-45 minutes.