Christy Lee (schneenet) wrote in wow_blackwater,
Christy Lee

I got skills!

Ok. Apparently, Tsaa/Asti felt like she had too much money (and she really didn't) and she also felt like skinning wasn't really doing anything for her, so she dropped it and picked up enchanting. About 100g and a Jaiden-escorted trip to the artisan trainer in Uldaman later, she's at 250 skill with a 20 slot enchanting bag (thanks to her tailoring!) filled with materials. She's to the point where repeatedly grinding out enchants on grey level 2 bracers and shields seems like a waste and she has some pretty good enchants to offer.

The ones that will level her nicely at the moment are +7 stamina or strength to bracers. If anyone is interested, please let me know! She has enough materials for about 5 each of those enchants. She also has materials for a few + 5 damage to 2H weapon enchants that create that blue glow everyone loves so much. (Though she'd prefer to cast that on weapons you plan on using for a while.)

Other enchants she has plenty of mats for are: +5 stamina to boots, +50 armor to cloak, and a few for +5 agility to boots. She's now addicted to scanning the AH for cheap greens and blues (cheap being relative at this level!) and tailoring greens and blues she happens to have the materials for and is therefore continuously getting more materials too. Jaiden's been blacksmithing green items and helping her go on dungeon runs as well. Join the fun sometime!

So yeah. After that and buying her mount, I'm totally broke, but much happier with my professions!
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