Deus ex Machina (sugarbeet) wrote in wow_blackwater,
Deus ex Machina

Burning Crusades and Warlock Epic Mount

I got both my both my Warlock and my Hunter to level 60 the week before Xmas. iloose2 got me the Burning Crusades for a Christmas present. We spent Christmas eve and day getting his Mage up to level 60 and by the afternoon, My Warlock and his Mage headed to the Outlands for the first time and have completed a dozen or so quests there since. He came over this afternoon and now we are both about 5% away from level 62.

Last night and this morning, I have been working on the series of quests that lead up to my Epic riding mount. I have them all completed but the two that require runs though dungeons. I am hoping to line up some of you Guild Members to help be run through them. i have to first go to Scholomance and get to the Alchemy lab there. Then I have to go though Dire Maul West. I hear that dungeon is a real Bitch. I have only attempted two lower level ones so i am not very knowledgeable on them. Hopefully my fellow guild members can get me though them as I REALLY want this Dreadstreed Mount.
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